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 SURUGAYA was founded in 1624 (in the early Edo period) as a Kimono store (Japanese traditional clothes).For the last 30 years we have been importing special fabrics from worldwide.

 SURUGAYA imports traditional luxury fabric from European manufactures directly. High quality fabrics have are specially selected to suit the average Japanese home. We are dedicated to keeping quality high and prices low.

 We launched our new showroom in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo in September 2017.We have over 300 samples displayed in our spacious showroom.

01 Premium Quality at Affordable Prices

Original designs have been directly selected from Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands etc. Our executive staff have an expert eye for fabrics that suit Japanese homes.

 SURUGAYA’s prices are competitive and guaranteed to be lower than our competitors. Our experienced buyers frequently visit our manufactures in Europe to check quality and maintain low production costs.

02 SURUGAYA's Exclusive Creations

We collaborate closely with European fabric manufacturers to develop fabrics tailored to the Japanese lifestyle. All our products are crafted from SURUGAYA's proprietary fabrics, ensuring a selection you won't find elsewhere. Thus, we deliver SURUGAYA's distinctive, high-quality interior fabrics that harmonize with Japanese living.

Many of our imported fabrics feature natural materials like silk, cotton, and linen, ensuring comfort. Curtains' character is greatly influenced by the fabric's texture, not just its color. Natural fabrics seamlessly complement other furnishings, creating a unified ambiance in your space.

We present a curated collection of curtains chosen and developed by SURUGAYA, with over 30 years of expertise in imported curtains. Visit us to explore the unique colors and textures of imported fabrics.

03 Masterful Craftsmanship

SURUGAYA places immense value on the sewing skills that bring custom-made products to life. Within our dedicated sewing facility, each item is meticulously crafted in a design and size tailored to each customer's specifications.

By managing our own manufacturing, we create bespoke interiors like no other. SURUGAYA's foundation rests on our unwavering confidence in sewing techniques, supported by our extensive experience, knowledge, and track record.

04 Passion for Interior Design

For four centuries, SURUGAYA has operated with utmost care and sincerity, cherishing the sentiments of each customer. Our SURUGAYA team have been working over 20 years of experience.

Our skilled staff will thoughtfully guide you through room coordination that aligns with your budget, ensuring your interior design dreams become a reality.