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 SURUGAYA was founded in 1624 (in the early Edo period) as a Kimono store (Japanese traditional clothes).For the last 30 years we have been importing special fabrics from worldwide.


 SURUGAYA imports traditional luxury fabric from European manufactures directly. High quality fabrics have are specially selected to suit the average Japanese home. We are dedicated to keeping quality high and prices low.


 We launched our new showroom in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo in September 2017.We have over 300 samples displayed in our spacious showroom.


1.High quality

 Original designs have been directly selected from Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands etc. Our executive staff have an expert eye for fabrics that suit Japanese homes.


 Fabrics have been made of natural materials such as silk, cotton and linen which are good for health. There are various differences based on the fabric texture and how it contrasts and harmonizes with the room.

2.Low price

 SURUGAYA’s prices are competitive and guaranteed to be lower than our competitors. Our experienced buyers frequently visit our manufactures in Europe to check quality and maintain low production costs.


 Based on your budget, our skilled staff can coordinate a beautiful selection of curtains for your home.

 We specialize in curtains, but we also offer many other services. We conduct free measurements and set up curtains in the comfort of your home. At the time of measure we can bring a 2.4meters curtain sample to your home. It will allow you to imagine your curtain display easily, and you will feel satisfied with them.

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5-20-7 Hakusan
Bunkyo-ku Tokyo JAPAN